About SATN – Vision & Mission


The vision of the SATN is to become the collective voice of UoTs and to provide a common platform for discussion on matters pertaining to higher education and the synthesis of perspectives and guidelines in response to post-school education and related policy and legislative processes, thereby ensuring the promotion of the broader UoT interest at all appropriate forums.


Create a central platform for UoTs to discuss relevant matters and to prepare and present a unified UoT position as a response to proposed legislation, rules and any matter of common interest;

Actively support regional developmental imperatives and the creation of centres of excellence which support regional and local development initiatives;

Facilitate the investigation and implementation of innovative and best practices in teaching and learning methodologies appropriate to the UoT context;

Foster relationships with government, commerce, industry and civil society to promote international partnerships that will result in mutually beneficial opportunities for all parties;

Engage other relevant stakeholders such as the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) and the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges to ensure mutually beneficial relationships;

Create a platform that encourages entrepreneurial activities in UoTs through the sharing of international best practice and successes of members of the SATN;

Hold periodic events such as the annual conference that aim to show case UoT activities and market their offerings;

Develop capacity in various areas that are in line with the mission of UoTs for the benefit of the UoT community and other relevant stakeholders.